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Caroline Wickham-Jones lives and works in Orkney. She is an honorary Research Associate in archaeology at the University of Aberdeen. She has worked on, and directed, archaeological excavations across Scotland. Her current research is concerned with changing sea-levels and the impact of landscape change on the early communities of Orkney. She is the author of several popular archaeology books, as well as many academic papers. Visit her website at: www.mesolithic.co.uk.



RichardRichard is an applied geophysicist and works at the University of St Andrews.  His research interests span a broad field from archaeology to marine biology using a range of geophysical methods.  A particular focus of his research is based on the transition zone around the coasts. View my blog at http://geophysicistatlarge.blogspot.co.uk/.



Martin Bates is a lecturer in Geoarchaeology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  He is interested in landscape reconstruction over the last 1 million years and in particular the nature and processes by which sea level rise impacts on people and their environments.



dei_huwsDei is a senior lecturer in Marine Geophysics at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University. He has interest in the application of geophysics and in particular how a combination of high resolution geophysical techniques (both marine and terrestrial) can be used to reconstruct Holocene palaeoenvironments.



Sue Dawson’s research expertise lies in Holocene sea-level change, coastal and climate change, tsunami sedimentation and diatom biostratigraphy. Her present research activities include Holocene relative sea level changes in the Maldive archipelago, Scotland and Greenland.



John Whittaker is a palaeontologist who specialises in the identification of microfossils. Although now retired from the Natural History Museum, London, he is still actively involved in reconstructing palaeogeographies from around the world and is a key member of the team.



Nigel Nayling…



RhiannonRhiannon Bates is currently an undergraduate student studying Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.



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