Walking Tours

Take one of our walking tours by following our App to learn more about the historical sites on the Brodgar Peninsula.

Walk 1
This tour takes you around the stone circle at the Ring of Brodgar and the comet stone: Anvil Stone, The Comet Stone, The Rune Stone, Lightning Stone, Geology of the Stones, Erecting the standing stones.

Walk 2
This tour is a step up from walk 1 and takes you on a walk to the Salt Knowe mound, down to the shore of the Loch of Stenness and the comet stone before guiding you around the stone circle at the Ring of Brodgar: Salt Knowe Mound, Sea Level ChangeChanging Landscapes.

Walk 3
This tour is for the more adventurous. This tour continues on from walk 2 along the peninsula to the Ness of Brodgar, The Watch stone, Stones of Stenness and Barnhouse.

3D Reconstruction
View our reconstruction of the Ring of Brodgar.

There is a car park located at the Ring of Brodgar site.

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